he wakes up in the morning, thinking how to impress

Flexin here and there, to get her out of her dress

But little he sees, little he knows

Each time he puffs up, they’re his own blows

he sends them a text, telling each she’s the one

With his bros checks, to see who won

And on Sundays he prays, Thy will be done

That’s the norm now, of being a man

Talking to Mary, Patricia, and also Anne

Not knowing that the One, will lead to the two

Only if he prays to the One, to lead him too

To be His son, not playing with her heart

And focus on Him, that’s where to start

he understands now, he wants that heal

So he closes his door, and starts to kneel

Telling his Dad, God I want only You

his eyes filled with tears, “let me be new”

he runs out the door, after hearing his phone

he saw her text saying, that she’s home alone

leaving the One behind, he gets in his car

he’s on his way over, to another scar


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