She wakes up in the morning, and pieces herself together.

She pushes forward, and thinks it won’t be forever.

Hiding behind a mask, of lip gloss made up.

“I’ll try this today, because I love makeup.”

She walks with purpose, but blindfolded.

With a smile on her face, that breaks His heart.

But you can’t say, that this was the start.

So really, when did they drift apart?

She lives in a world, filled with Kim and Kate

Thinking it’s the only way, they’ll appreciate

But deep down she knows, its empty wells

She keeps it inside, bottling up the yells

She prays at night, “Thy will be done.”

But little by little, she rejects the One

If only she sees, if only she knows

What she means to Him, how much she glows

To Him she’s His princess, and He is her King

How He wishes to Him, she would only cling

His passion for her, burns so deep inside

Hoping she could see, that she’s His bride

He wants to show her, that she’s His gem

But her eyes are fixed, only on them

So she settles again, and gives herself away

His arms stretch, waiting for the next day…


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