“The Lord was with…”

Anyone looking from the outside would look at Joseph and see him exactly like his siblings saw him, a spoiled child that is protected by his dad, his dad’s favorite. His dad gave him many things, and showered him with more love and kindness than his siblings. And Joseph wasn’t very wise about it either, he was a very simple man. So simple that he didn’t realize that telling his brothers about his dreams would make them more jealous of him. So simple that he didn’t know that his father, who loved him the most, would be upset at his dreams. So simple that he didn’t understand how jealous his brothers were of him, and visited them in the coat his father made for him. The simplicity in Joseph, allowed the Lord to be with him.

That simplicity allows for peace in our hearts and full reliance on God. Which is why the book of Genesis never tell us that Joseph was upset or fought back when his brothers sold him, or when he was falsely put in prison. He had full peace due to his full surrender and reliance on the Lord. This idea of a worry-free life, because of faith in the Lord, allowed the Lord to be always with Joseph; giving him success always. Having the Lord with us allows all situations to play out for good. Being sold by his brothers, allowed for Joseph to be Potiphar’s assistant. And being falsely accused and imprisoned, allowed him to become second to pharaoh.

This simplicity shines and shows through each of us. The Lord shines through it so that all could see him around us. “And his master saw that the Lord was with him.” (Genesis 39:3) Joseph didn’t need to do anything, or preach God to Potiphar…the Lord Himself did that through Joseph’s actions. Not just that, but verse 5 says “the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake.” How incredible is our Lord? Blessing others around us due to our commitment and surrender to Him. I fully believe that Potiphar himself also started becoming more like Joseph when he saw how much the Lord was with him. It’s the concept of a ripple effect…

Many of us want to change the world around us, change our countries, change our communities, our churches, and our services. Joseph changed all of Egypt through changing himself. From a young age he simply surrendered his life and will to God and fully relied on Him… never worrying about whatever may happen to him. Therefore by changing himself, he changed Potiphar’s house, changed the prison, changed all of Egypt, and finally changed his own family and all of Israel. God’s plan of salvation had Joseph in the middle of all of it. Joseph’s faith in God and surrender to His will, allowed God to work through Joseph, changing the story of humanity as a part of God’s plan.

During this upcoming Lent, let us focus more on how to make His will ours, how to surrender our lives to Him, to have the same simple faith that Joseph had. Maybe then our Lord will work through us and change our lives towards Him.


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